Here's some related insulator web sites I encourage you to visit: - Shaun Kotlarsky's Hemingray web site. Lots of great rare pieces there! An excellent pictoral resource for Hemingray glassware. Shaun is my fellow Hemingray and Mac buddy! Apple rules. - Bob Stahr's Hemingray web site. For a quick overview on the Hemingray Glass Company and some of its products, this page is ideal. Bob is another great friend who's taught me a lot about Hemingray. - Bill Meier's very informative web site. Through his tireless efforts, a great deal of the insulator collecting hobby now has a presence on the web. Thanks Bill! - The official website of California's Golden State Insulator Club (Joining NorCal and CSCIC clubs!) - The National Insulator Association official web site. - Crown Jewels of the Wire Magazine's web site. - Dwayne Anthony's insulator auction web site. Dwayne was one of the first collectors I met at the Bakersfield 1992 show and he remains one of my best insulator friends today! - A great web site covering a wide variety of collectible web sites, including insulators. has been honored to be among the sites featured in Collector's Weekly Hall of Fame.

Wikipedia: Hemingray Glass Company - Yes, even Hemingray has its own Wikipedia page.

And here's some UNrelated web sites I encourage you to visit: - My other hobby! - Are you a Closet Wino? Check out my dad's site! - Basically just a hub for my web sites, but worth mentioning anyway.

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