Glass Insulators For Sale  

I am selling the following insulators and go-withs below. Most are Hemingray, some are not!

Photos (click to enlarge) Description / Condition Color Current Price
Guide Value
Sale Price
PhotoPhoto CD 116 A.U. [010]

Rare early smooth base CD 116. How many have you seen? This one has a couple minor base flakes, one open bubble and associated chip on the front skirt, and a chip with associated bruise in the back.
Aqua $150-175 $125
PhotoPhoto CD 220 HEM [082]

CD 220 Hemingray-670 in honey amber. New [082] listing for the 2015 price guide. This has the brass bushing embedded in the threads. Appears to be a dump specimen. In pretty good shape with typical roughess and fisheyes. Only one chip to mention: a small flake on the rear base and associated 1" bruise and 1.5" crack up the skirt. Priced accordingly well below book value.
Honey Amber $350-400 $175
PhotoPhoto CD 230 HEM [100]

Neat solid piece with the new [100] embossing added to the 2015 price guide (with brass bushing in the threads). Original carnival coating as evidenced by the flashing right down the front of the insulator. Quite a striking effect (no pun intended!) So close to mint with only a couple of tiny patches of roughness around the sharp outer edge. Priced at low book value.
Dark Carnival $100-125 $100
PhotoPhoto CD 241 Hemingray [020]

CD 241 Hemingray-23 in Red Amber - 8 chipped drips is all the damage to report. Priced below book value!
Red Amber $125-150 $100
PhotoPhoto CD 280 Hemingray [010]

Here's a very rare embossing for the power or Hemingray collector! CD 280 [010] Hemingray No. 100 High Voltage. Condition is pretty average for these: 4 fisheyes on dome/outer skirt, 15 chipped drips, 3 skirt chips & slices. Inner skirts are perfect.
Aqua $350-400 $150



If you collect insulators, these are highly recommended products.

1) Oxalic Acid (Wood Bleach) - Great for cleaning most filthy glass insulators. Just soak them in a bucket of this for a few days (or weeks for the really filthy ones) and they'll come out looking brand new. Warning: Do NOT use with carnival, flashed amber, or opalescent glass! Be sure to read this page on proper insulator cleaning!

2) Museum Gel - This stuff is awesome for keeping your insulators on glass shelves and helping to prevent them from moving around or falling off. Sticks well but is easy to remove. Use them between two-piece transposition insulators instead of wooden dowels!

3) Collapsible Hand Truck - These are lifesavers for toting all those boxes of insulators around, especially going back and forth to an insulator show. Whether you buy or sell, you definitely appreciate having one of these.

4) Digital Caliper - If you're interested in documenting insulator sizes, variants and embossings to a highly accurate degree, these eliminate the guesswork that you'd get with a ruler or a measuring tape.

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